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Theater Group

Workshops and Showcases

We are successful working actors with a huge range of training and experience. 


Our intensive


develop essential tools to bring you to the role and the role to you.


 Using text from Classics tNetflix we will teach you to assess, prep and play anything from Shakespeare to Breaking Bad.

You will be sent a PlaY scene and a Tscene in advance. 

In the workshop you will partner up and cold-read your first impressions of the scenes before we assess, explore and present.


Students may film first and last passes of their scenes to gauge development. 

You will work on the same scene so you can learn on your feet and in your seat. 

Workshops will return in Summer 2024. 

Watch site for updates. 


offer students who have already trained, part-trained, or are training, to present a 2-hander scene which shows them off at their best, in a London venue to which casting directors and agents can be invited. 

Over 12 weekends we will direct your scenes for a 1-hour presentation that shows you off at your best, in a venue industry professionals can get to, at a time which fits into their day.

We can't guarantee your outcome, but we can guarantee you will bring your best work. 

We aim to mount a showcase starting in April 2024. 

For interest and information... 

Please contact us

Actors Rehearsing


Weekly Zooms explore Classic and Contemporary text applying method techniques to bring you to the role and the role to you. . 

Improv Workshops


Intensive Weekend Workshops, bringing us all into a space to explore and present scenes via our method techniques.

Film Clapboard


1-2-1 sessions tailored to you:

Perfect for auditions, self tapes, pair work,, exercises and presentations.

"If we can see you acting, you are doing it wrong."

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