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What We Do

On film, TV and stage, actors chase truth. 

In a role, a scene, a speech, a line, a word, a silence, actors chase truth. 

Truth is like love, once felt, never forgotten. 


This truth is why we act.

When we feel this truth it reminds us why we stay in the race when sometimes acting feels like the dumbest career choice we ever made. 

We know, because we are actors.

We develop aspirational actors and anchor professional actors.


Low Cost + Restricted Numbers = Successful Classes.


Acting or Screen Acting?


"I want to be a Film actor"


An actor acts.

On stage - the audience capture it.

On screen - the camera captures it.

Many aspiring actors imagine "screen acting" is somehow a notch up from "acting": it's the magic element which will make them stars. 

Acting is acting. 

In fact, acting is reacting and any technique which modulates your acting to fit stage or screen is a matter of mechanics. Truth fits any medium.


For stage or screen, we must learn to act.

Then, just as stage asks that we learn the presentational value of the space, projection, upstaging, playing the audience, etc: Screen asks techniques as: 

filming a story out of sequence, tailoring your performance to the frame size, marks, eyelines, dirty or clean singles, two shots, continuity, crossing the line, and so much more. 


But acting comes first, and great acting is unachievable without great writing.

So we will help you build your best work using the best material.

From CLASSICS to NETFLIX, from Shakespeare to Breaking Bad,

timeless and resonant stories with crafted character arcs and dialogue

are the foundation of an actor's work.

If you can make great text work, you can make any text fly. 

Our Workshops and Classes want you.

If you are not in or around London, we want to come to you.

Help by telling where you are

Actors think first, feel second. 

Actors Rehearsing


Weekly in-class sessions explore Classic and Contemporary scene text applying method techniques to bring you to the role and the role to you.

Improv Workshops


Intensive in-class workshops explore and present scenes via our method techniques, recording progress for your assessment.

Film Clapboard


1-2-1 sessions tailored to you:

Perfect for auditions, self tapes, pair work,, exercises and presentations.

"The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the best actor you hope to be."

Konstantin Stanislavsky

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