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Famous Talented Female Director in Chair


Coaching for drama school, auditions, Self-tapes, On-Set or 1-2-1. 
Coaching is like riding a bike - when you feel confident, the stabilisers can be discarded.

Drama School 

Every year thousands of aspiring actors audition for drama school, where the odds of getting in are a hundred to one.

This is the single most important audition of your life. 

We know. We've been there. 

Let us help you be the one in a hundred.

Auditions and Self-tapes

In Acting there are no jobs for life, but you can have a lifetime of jobs.
Getting the job is tough, and you must be prepared to win and lose a job every day. 

Preparation is everything. 

Let us show you how to prepare, so you can bring your most assured performance to any audition or self-tape.


Some directors help you find your performance. Others expect you to bring it yourself.

 In any case, they want your best.

If you haven't worked in a while, your confidence is low, the job means a boost to your career, or you just want to shine brightly - a Coach is your inspiration, your motivation, your mentor.  

1-2-1 or Pair work

If you want bespoke 1-2-1 work on your monologue, presentational skills, acting exercises or want to share your 1-2-1 session with a scene partner, this is your solution.  

Actors Rehearsing


Weekly Zooms explore Classic and Contemporary text applying method techniques to bring you to the role and the role to you. . 

Improv Workshops


Intensive Weekend Workshops, bringing us all into a space to explore and present scenes via our method techniques.

Film Clapboard


1-2-1 sessions tailored to you:

Perfect for auditions, self tapes, pair work,, exercises and presentations.

All actors have Passion and Talent, which, without a Method, are like water poured into open hands. 

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